EDC - Technologica

Examples of KU Leuven developments include the development of expert systems, such as ESCORT (Expert Software for Corrosion Technology) and PRIME (Process Industries’ Materials Expert). Corrosion Knowledge Knowledge preservation for the future is a bottleneck in many companies. Especially specific expertknowledge is a key asset. Corrosion & materials engineering knowledge is a prime example of this. Co-workers of EDC-Technologica, many of them former employees of the KU Leuven Corrosion Lab, had a pioneering role in this field, but the original ideas about computerized corrosion knowledge systems came from Costi Edeleanu (Cambridge University & ex-ICI). It also resulted in the realization of the first hypermedia CD-ROM on Corrosion Engineering: the ALC (Active Library on Corrosion), in cooperation with NACE International and Elsevier.