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Mo r e t han ha l f a cen t ur y o f Indus t r i a l Chemi s t ry Re sea r ch & Deve l opmen t . . . In the early 1970s, the KU Leuven Corrosion Lab played a pioneering role in the development of electrochemical measuring techniques for high- temperature high-pressure aqueous systems, such as geothermal installations or nuclear steam generators. Corporate Background Sol id Academi c Hi story Marcel Pourbaix (with Ulick Evans) In 1960, the – at that time – very modern “ Institute for Industrial Chemistry ” was created. One field of research was Industrial Electrochemistry (including Corrosion). Later on, other divisions of the Institute had a major role in environmental research and water treatment. The (electrochemical) corrosion work evolved in close cooperation with Marcel Pourbaix (Cebelcor), Belgium ’ s renowned corrosion scientist, later nominated for the Nobel Price Chemistry. Chemistry at KU Leuven, Belgium’s leading university, already found international recognition back in 1784 with Dr. Minckelers invention of coal gasification and gas lighting. Since then, the university has kept a rich tradition in industrial chemistry and related fields.